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BioLabs Makes Science

Dynabyte BioLabs is a systems biology company in Stockholm, Sweden. We collaborate with several academic and commercial partners doing scientific research in the following areas:

  • Genetic network visualization
  • Gene expression data analysis
  • Predictive modelling of genetic networks

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BioLabs Makes Software

We develop Genetic Network Explorer (GNE), a systems biology software suite that helps researchers analyze and draw conclusions from gene expression data in novel ways. In its current version, our software provides the following major features:

  • Database with more than 40 000 genetic interactions for mouse and man.
  • Powerful search and automatic visualization of genetic networks.
  • Analysis of experiment data superimposed onto any genetic network.

The development is done in close collaboration with our academic and commercial partners and new versions are made available regularly.

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BioLabs Makes Sense

Using our scientific knowledge and expertise along with our novel software for analyzing genetic expression data, Dynabyte BioLabs helps our partners and collaborators to see patterns and draw conclusions from the vast amounts of experimental biological data available. We are constantly looking for new partners and customers that need our expertise in interpreting and analyzing genetic network data.

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